AdSpacious makes it easy for Advertisers, Publishers, and Networks to create, build, and manage campaigns across multiple channels. And instead of using multiple platforms, we’ve put everything into one simple solution.

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Why is AdSpacious better?

Valued Partners

Work Directly With Your Sources
Build your own custom campaigns and manage all your marketing efforts from one place. Setup multiple offers across numerous channels. Use in-depth reporting to track all your sources and publishers. Gauge performance with the stats that give you the metrics that matter. Implement targeting and filters to better meet the requirements for your campaigns. Target people that meet the age, location, gender, and domain requirements, on the days and times you want, quickly while setting up. Quickly and easily setup publishers and affiliates with the click of a button – we send all the instructions and IO for you.
Better Monetize Your Audience
Whether you are a direct Publisher or a Network, AdSpacious is the one stop shop for all your needs. With functionality to simultaneously run and track CPL, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM, Coreg, API feeds, Email, Display and more. Track Revenue sources individually from the dashboard, in addition to the gross and net revenue, acceptance rates and conversion percentages. Setup multiple offers for various formats and track them individually. Assign additional sources with the click of a button that will send all documents necessary. Clone campaigns to reduce setup time. Setup multiple publishers and affiliates with unique tracking links to gauge individual performance.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Easily plug AdSpacious into any of your sales tools, CRM systems, validation processes' or anything else that is needed.